Flarium Ltd. Introduces New Improved Customer Support and Help Center.

Flarium Ltd. announces introduction of new simplified login system and improved help and support center for its customers and website visitors. Now we bring our customers the ability to log in to both website and support system simultaneously, keep and view all messaging history in user account. VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, January 18, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Beginning the new year, Flarium introduces new quick logging to its website and support system. Now our customers don"t need to go through two different registration processes on our company website http://flarium.com and in the support system at http://flarium.com/support.

Justin Timberlake to Star in Facebook Movie.

As the days go by we"re hearing more details about the Facebook movie and today"s tidbit of information is, well, a little more disappointing than the fact that it"s being directed by the same man who directed Fight Club. So far we know that Aaron Sorkin, the guy who brought us the West Wing and A Few Good Men, will be writing the screenplay (Sorkin recently said he"s never said "yes" to a job offer faster). Fight Club and Se7en director, David Fincher has also been confirmed as the director, and Kevin Spacey will take on the role of producing the movie. So who will star in this picture that has so far attracted a fairly decent chunk of cinematic talent?

Aquarium Software grows bottom line for global media company.

Aquarium Software is responsible for helping a leading global media company achieve bottom line growth after the successful implementation of Aquarium"s process management software SHEFFIELD, UK, January 16, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With offices across the world, Blue offers corporate communications expertise in the marine and energy industries. Blue turned to Aquarium Software to help streamline processes and benefit from cost savings. An added advantage proved to be better client communications, as Alisdair Pettigrew, Director, Blue Communications, explains: "Aquarium has been instrumental in helping our offices around the world coordinate our client account information better, to deliver a joined up, seamless and differentiated service.

SoftServe Hosts Successful Client Conference.

SoftServe, Inc, a leading multinational software development and consulting company, hosted its first client conference on December 7-9 at Ritz-Calrton Hotel in Naples, Florida. The event"s theme was "Transforming experience into business value." FORT MYERS, FL, January 15, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "Successful clients are the foundation for the future growth of SoftServe. That is why we feel it is very important to start providing gatherings such as this conference, where they can share their thoughts and ideas to help shape the future roadmaps of our services," said Taras Vervega, EVP Business Development, SoftServe, at the conference opening.

News of the day

DDRdrive uses PCIe to increase speed of mainstream solid state disks.
Chicago (IL) - Gigabyte"s i-Ram and HyperOs Systems" HyperDrive III solid state disk recently gave us a first impression that solid state storage is making its way into the mainstream: And there is more to come in the near future: DDRdrive will soon release a PCI Express device that uses external power to ensure the memory will not lose its stored data.
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Sybase Participates in MEFX
Plans to showcase its leading edge financial technology solutions such as Mbanking, E-Finance Suite and Sybase IQ; Senior global Sybase executive, Matthew Talbot to speak on Mobile Banking Initiatives at the MEFX Technology Forum

Time Warner Unveils 40 GB Bandwidth Cap.
Time Warner Cable will soon be expanding its bandwidth capping plans to more cities.